Behind the Scenes of the Danger Globe: Meet the Riders and Crew


The Cage of Death is a heart-stopping show that combines motorcycle riding and acrobatics in a steel cage, but what goes on behind the scenes to make the show happen? Meet the riders and crew who make the Danger Globe a reality.


The riders

The Danger Globe is only possible because of the skill and bravery of the riders who perform inside the cage. These riders spend countless hours practising and perfecting their craft, often facing injuries and setbacks along the way. The riders must have complete trust in each other and work as a team to ensure the safety of everyone inside the cage. They must also have the ability to think on their feet and adapt to any unexpected situations that may arise during the show.

Many Danger Globe riders come from families with a long tradition of motorcycle riding and circus performing. They start training from a young age and spend years honing their skills, learning how to balance and manoeuvre a motorcycle at high speeds and in tight spaces.

Guil is no different. For more than 15 years, he performed alongside with his dad and brother, travelling around Brazil and bringing to many audiences the adrenaline of the Danger Globe.


The Crew

Behind every great Danger Globe performance are a team of dedicated crew members who work tirelessly to make sure the show runs smoothly, motorbikes are in good shape the sphere is properly assembled.

All members of the crew work closely together to ensure the safety of the riders and the audience. They have often been the hidden heroes of the Danger Globe, working hard and facing challenges to make the show safe and successful.


The Danger Globe is an incredible show that would not be possible without the sweat and dedication of the riders as well as the crew. They are the ones who make the magic happen behind the scenes, often sacrificing their own safety and well-being for a smile and the crowd’s energy. They are the true heroes of the Danger Globe, making the impossible possible and bringing the thrill and excitement of the steel cage to audiences around the world.

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